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Episode One

Let’s get right to it! Moving out of a rut and activating magic

What if there’s nothing to prove & you’ve always had the answers?

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I just got back from my first workout in, well, I couldn’t tell you how long! I’ve joked that I took a 3 year break, when the truth is, I let myself go. That’s okay, it’s where I’m at right now and i’m willing and ready to choose a new experience for myself.

My entire life up to this point, subconsciously, I’ve used my weight as a bargaining chip to win approval of others so they wouldn’t hate me for being beautiful AND successful. This was the one thing I needed to shift to truly step into the powerhouse I’ve always been, yet would try to hide behind to fit in. 

Today, my intention is to riff a bit on who I am, what brought me here, moving out of a rut or plateau and activating magic. Entrepreneurship is a path of refinement that isn’t for the faint of heart and at the end of the day we were born for it.

P.S. per usual, I encourage you to make the partnership within you your #1 priority.  I would love for you to e-mail me your first name, where you’re from with any questions tohello@allisonplegge.com that you would love my take on or what topics you would like to know more about so we can co-create this fully exxposed podcast experience together.

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