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Body Connection Breakthrough is THE Foundation to kickstarting your adventure of letting go of undesired weight. It’s time to let your captivating beauty shine bright by feeling alive, 🥵smokin’, confident and safely at home in your body. 

Here’s what you can expect in this mini-course kickstart: 

🎯Foster a deeper connection with your body to kickstart letting go of undesired weight. The average person underestimates the power and leverage of the subtle, little things moment-to-moment that create dramatic and wild transformation. These three nourishing soul practices may seem like nothing. However, don’t be fooled- they are fundamental to permanent & sustainable success.

Module One: Baby I Was Born This Way

  • Appreciation & Self-Compassion Meditation: Begin each day with a meditation practice that combines gratitude and self-compassion. Take a few moments to express gratitude for your body and all that it allows you to experience. Then, offer yourself words of kindness and compassion, acknowledging your infinite worthiness and embracing your imperfections with love and acceptance. As Lady GaGa would say, “Don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set.”

Module Two: Let’s Get Physical

  • Engage in physical activities that bring you joy and connect you with your body in a positive way. Whether it’s yoga, dancing, walking in nature, or any other form of movement, focus on how it makes you feel rather than how it looks. Tune into the sensations of your body moving and the pleasure it brings, allowing yourself to fully enjoy the experience without judgment.

Module Three:

  • Soulful Self-Care Ritual: Dedicate time each week to engage in activities that nurture your soul and replenish your spirit. This could include journaling, spending time in nature, indulging in creative pursuits, or simply relaxing with a good book. Prioritize self-care practices that bring you joy and help you feel more connected to yourself and your body.

BONUS: You’ll get access to a Spotify playlist for each module to enhance your experience when taking the encouraged guidance along with an invitation to a group zoom celebration call after implementing these practices for 30 days.

Chances are strong, you know stepping into your next level of leadership to leave your legacy requires that you prioritize a new level of respect for your self and the temple you’ve been given in this life.

Through a combination of mindful practices, including appreciation, self-compassion, and mindful movement, you’ll learn to cultivate a deeper connection with your body and unlock its natural ability to release undesired weight.

Let’s go, Smokeshow! See you Inside.

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Body Connection Breakthrough: 3 Nourishing Soul Practices Your Body Needs to Release Undesired Weight


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Mindfulness meditation is one of the practices in the Body Connection Breakthrough program to release undesired weight and nourish the soul.

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