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This Free Ebook Reveals The Top 4 Principles to Break the Mold and Create a Full Life Without Waiting for a Partner!

Forge your own path to happiness and build a life you love; single or not
Refine the boundary that you ARE and raise your self-esteem.
Shift your energy and create intentional partnerships that enhance your life instead of draining it.
Start to break free from co-dependent relationships and take charge of your own life.

International Best-Selling Author &
Transcendent Soul Artist

Are you tired of feeling like you need a partner to be happy?

Have you been settling for relationships that don't fulfill you just because you don't want to be alone? 

It's time to wipe the slate clean and create a life filled with joy and purpose on your own terms.

In "From Desperate to Dominion," author Allison Plegge shares her journey from being a self-proclaimed "basic bitch" to finding true love within herself. She realized that before she could attract the right partner, she needed to be in a partnership with herself first.

By the end of this ebook, you will remember the love that you are, take responsibility for your side of the street, and play your energy game intentionally. You will learn to innovate connections with others and paint on a fresh canvas.

So take a deep breath and let this ebook guide you on your journey to creating a full life without waiting for a partner. Download "From Desperate to Dominion" today and start stepping into the life you know deep within you're destined for.

Allison Plegge

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