Promote the Spiritually-Based Lifestyle Brand & Digital Product Suite for Free Spirit Entrepreneurs 

Fully Exxposed™ is a spiritually based lifestyle brand that represents being Holy Spirit focused and centered in self. We are pioneers when it comes to a higher standard of living. 

Favorable referral rates aren't the only thing you can receive on the narrow path.  As a woman with an assignment from God who has been instructed to bring Fully Exxposed® to life in the world, I can tell you from experience you are given an abundance of grace (love, kindness, unearned blessings and favor) on your path. 

It's a visceral knowing that you are favored, covered and chosen by God. It's not because you say you are and doesn't mean you are more special or better than anyone else. Let's remember the highest favored woman Mary who's assignment was giving birth to Jesus.

We love to give back. Let's have fun together paying it forward.

Partner with Us & Earn 40% Per  Initial Sale 

We pay 40% on all initial sales and payout every month. This means you can earn anywhere from $2.80 to $398.80+ per sale on the initial sale when you become an affiliate. 

Plus recruit affiliates and get another 10% 

We give credit where credit is due. Recruit affiliates to spread our mission too and get 10% commission from their earnings.

We're not done yet. Earn $50 bonus for your first 10 referrals

We also offer $50 cash bonus for your first 10 referrals. That's not all, this means you can earn bonus payouts for every 10 referrals. We don't believe in limitations. You set the bar here!

Easy Tracking for Your Sales & Referrals

"Fully Exxposed™ was created to activate, inspire and empower others to a higher standard of living. I'm someone who loves to invest in people and projects. The give-back that I've created through the Highly Favored™ affiliate program is an overflow of appreciation. The simple system we use means you have easy access to your own dashboard to track your affiliate referrals, generate specific links to product pages or see your total sales for monthly payout."

Allison Plegge

Founder of Fully Exxposed™

How Do You Become a Highly Favored™ Affiliate?

It takes a few short simple steps to become a Highly Favored™ affiliate. Our program is designed for our clients, students and customers (who want to promote through their own network of people) as well as partnerships that want to advertise our signature affiliate program to their own audiences.

Read our FAQ's & affiliate terms. 
We want to make sure our affiliates understand the fine print. By reading the terms you understand and consent to our program terms. This ensures only the highest quality promoters of Fully Exxposed™ make it into our signature affiliate program.
Complete our short application process.
We have a short process to complete in order for us to evaluate your suitability as a Highly Favored™ affiliate. Once you complete the application, you will hear from a team member within 48 hours upon submission.

DISCLAIMER: Results may very and there is no guarantee of sales success.  You have full responsibility for promotion and we will do our part to prepare you for success.

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DISCLAIMER: Results may very and there is no guarantee of sales success. You have full responsibility for promotion and we will do our part to prepare you for success.