Meditation/Hypnosis Favorites

Total Darkness even with your eyes open Access here
Velvet Knit weighted blanket, Thank us later. Access here
Wireless Sleep Headphones. A must have for reprogramming your mind at bed or in the morning. Access here

Writing/Journaling Favorites

Leather Journal Access here
Black Sharpened #2 pencils Access here
Smooth Black Ink Pens Access here

Currency Management Favorites

Taxes get to be fun, organized and simple! 12 column ledger paper. One for each business, personal, dog/child etc. Simple Effective on one sheet of paper for the year. Access here
Snap back document organizer. Label one for each business if applicable, personal etc. Your 12 column ledger goes in its proper category. Access here
Fireproof lock & file organizer. Perfect for those tax returns that require keeping for 7 years, passports & other important documents in one place. Access here

Extra’s That Support A Relaxed State

Travel made simple with a checklist/reminder. Access here
Velvet Meditation cushion and mat. Access here
Infrared Sauna Blanket for taking care of your well being at home! Access here

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