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Who’s behind Fully Exxposed™?

Meet the Love Oracle

Allison Plegge is the founder of The Fully Exxposed™ Movement, a modern day pioneer and thought leader on powerful living for women and men around the world.



Initiating & Awakening others

Providing direction beyond the status quo

(Re)Connecting others to their inner authority


Priceless Prosperity

Power(full) Individuality

Synergistic Heterarchy

Passionate Partnerships


Hypnosis Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Life & Holistic Health Coach

Licensed Aesthetician

World-Class Lifestyle Activator and Intuitive Success Guide

for leading-edge visionaries, creatives and entrepreneurs

When Allison isn’t providing direction beyond the status quo, she is living life to the beat of her own drum and following through on her creative impulses. Her knowing has no obvious rhyme or reason. It’s common for her to make a chance statement that can realign someones life without either of them being aware at the time how it happened.

“How or Why isn’t our responsibility. When you know, you know. It’s an act of honor to have our ego submit allowing us to move from a clear channel for our divine emanation.”

She facilitates transformation through her digital courses, audio riffs, and the Fully Exxposed™ Lounge Membership. She encourages others to engage with their own innate abilities while they simultaneously take full responsibility as a (co)creator of their life experiences.

She lovingly empowers women and men to come face-to-face with what’s been limiting them so they can flourish beyond the status quo purely creating a life, love and business that defy’s logic.

The Fully Exxposed™ mission has always been to amplify the refinement of individuals so they can remember the truth of who they are, make more money authentically and live a life beyond the imaginable defying logic.

Allison is from a small town in Kansas. She is flirting with bi-coastal living and currently resides in Kansas City.

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